It’s More Than the Property, It’s the Amenities for Some…

It’s More Than the Property, It’s the Amenities for Some…

Location, location, location is the real estate mantra, which means that a property’s value is determined by its location. This applies to both residential and commercial properties. With that said, amenities are becoming increasingly more important to today’s buyers, whether for personal or business reasons. There are buyers who will share which amenities must be easily accessible to a subject property. For such buyers, the location of the amenities is the starting point for making a decision as to where to buy, even before considering the nature of the neighborhoods.

For those buyers, more than anything else, it’s important to narrow down properties that are well situated to the desired amenities. Greater weight may be place on how far a property is situated from certain amenities. When working with today’s buyers, it is becoming increasingly important to have them identify which amenities they consider important and what is the maximum distance (or time) to a property from those amenities. Once that is known, it is much easier to show properties. Some buyers are so focused on living next to certain amenities that they can look beyond some of the shortcomings of a property.

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